Our mission is to teach the art of public speaking and appreciation for reading media arts literature, civic engagement and college readiness workshops, and life skills to children from ages 7 to 18 in preparation for college and bachelor degrees. We believe that mission is represented through our numerous awards.

Congratulations to Aretha Bivans and Ms. Evelyn Hargrove, Lead Coach, on receiving the NJ Governor’s Volunteer Award for Services to Youth, recognizing their outstanding work in the community supporting the New Jersey Orators as coaches for the Lakewood Chapter.

The New Jersey Council for the Humanities (NJCH) announces $402,514 in grant funding awarded to 33 organizations, reflecting the robust cultural sector and the need for ongoing support as we emerge from COVID-related challenges, supporting projects that promote creativity, excellence, and lifelong learning in New Jersey’s cultural and civic life.

It is proudly announced that the New Brunswick chapter has achieved the prestigious title of Chapter of the Year.

We are delighted to announce that Kylah Walters from the Trenton Chapter has been awarded the esteemed Hope Chest Scholarship.

The NJ State Governor’s Jefferson Awards recognize exceptional volunteerism in New Jersey, inspiring others to get involved and increasing volunteerism in the state. New Jersey Orators, Inc. is honored as an outstanding volunteer group that coordinates and participates in various activities to benefit their communities.

The NJ Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with the African American Chamber of Commerce, proudly presented the NJ Chamber of Commerce Diversity award to Eloise and the outstanding organization she led, New Jersey Orators. Their unwavering commitment to creating opportunities and amplifying underrepresented voices had a profound impact on the community, making them the perfect recipients of this honor.

New Jersey Orators has been recognized and awarded by the NJ Chamber of Commerce and the African American Chamber of Commerce of NJ for their remarkable efforts in advancing diversity and inclusion in the state. Their impactful and inspiring work has been acknowledged and celebrated by these esteemed organizations.

The Manhattan Institute announced its second cohort of Civil Society Fellows, nonprofit leaders who will receive a $10,000 fellowship for their efforts to improve their local communities by addressing or preventing a social challenge. Eloise Samuels was one of the three individuals helped by the institute’s 15-month Civil Society Fellows Program to raise national awareness for their missions and make the case for the essential nature and value of their nonprofit work.

During their 41st Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Commemoration Program in collaboration with HONOR, the New Jersey Orators Inc. (NJO) was honored with the prestigious 2019 Dr. Martin Luther King Community Service Award presented by Johnson & Johnson Community Service Award.

The New Jersey Orators Inc. (NJO) was awarded the Community Change Award for Education by the New Jersey Black Issues Convention (NJBIC) on October 3rd. As a result, NJO has been recognized as one of the recommended youth organizations by NJBIC for President Barack Obama’s “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative. The award was presented to NJO during the 32nd Annual New Jersey Black Issues Leadership Conference held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

The James Spellman Community Service Award is a prestigious recognition given to individuals or organizations that have made exceptional contributions to their community through acts of service and philanthropy. Named after James Spellman, a prominent community leader known for his dedication to improving the lives of others, this award acknowledges the outstanding efforts and positive impact made by the recipients in areas such as education, healthcare, social welfare, and more. The award serves as a tribute to those who have demonstrated a strong commitment to serving their community and inspiring others to do the same.

The Manhattan Institute Social Entrepreneur Award is a distinguished accolade that honors individuals or organizations that have exhibited exceptional innovation and leadership in addressing societal challenges through entrepreneurial approaches. This award recognizes the efforts of those who have developed creative and sustainable solutions to social problems, effectively creating positive change and improving the lives of individuals and communities. The Manhattan Institute Social Entrepreneur Award celebrates the vision, determination, and impact of these individuals or organizations in driving transformative social change and inspiring others to follow suit.

Points of Light is a nonpartisan international nonprofit organization based in Georgia, USA, with a mission to mobilize individuals and resources to address significant social issues through voluntary service. In 2014, the New Jersey Orators was honored with the President’s Point of Light Foundation Citation Award of Excellence in Volunteerism. Recognized as an organization fostering positive academic skills, the New Jersey Orators was highlighted in a Huffington Post article published in November 2012.