New Chapters

Want to Start an Orators Chapter?

Orators Inc. is a national 501C3 non-profit organization. It is easy to start a chapter if we have a state organization incorporated under that organization in your state. Currently, we have the following 501C3 non-profit state organizations incorporated so that chapters can be chartered in the respective state, e.g. New Jersey Orators™, Inc.: New York Orators™, Inc.; Pennsylvania Orators™, Inc.; Maryland Orators™, Inc.

We will not compromise the quality of the Orator’s program and its objectives by fast and uncontrolled expansion. Every year, we receive numerous requests to open additional chapters. We prioritize the rollout of our chapters based on when they are requested and the available coaches and judges in that community or state.

In order to expand, Orators, Inc. must continue to attract and train sufficient quality coaches for each chapter in order to maintain a 1:5 ratio of coach to students. We will not charter a chapter for operation if the initial number of volunteer coaches is not available and not made that commitment.

Professionals from all walks of life, who understand and agree to support our philosophy, goals and objectives, are urged to volunteer as coaches. However, they must be willing to make a weekly commitment to our organization and stayed committed for no less than two years so that our Orators experience consistency in coaching at the chapter level.

Application Process

If you are interested in establishing a chapter in your community, please send a letter to the Orators corporate headquarters requesting that chapter. We will review your request to determine if there is another chapter nearby that you may join. If not, we will prioritize the request and get back to you with information regarding the charter registration fee for the chapter. If the request is from a state that we do not already have a 501C3 state organization incorporated, then we will evaluate establishing a state organization.

In order to maintain the consistency and quality of the Orators program objectives, all volunteers must submit to a background check conducted by the state. Also, prior to any interaction with the youth participating in the program, volunteers must attend several workshops conducted by our corporate training staff that cover our methodology.