New Jersey Orators remains committed to education and providing scholarships to invest in the dreams and bright futures of generations to come.

“Students involved in the New Jersey Orators program demonstrated the “most significant” educational outcomes and self esteem /resiliency scores when compared to their peer group” ~Manhattan Institute for Policy Research  – 2016 Study

  • Congratulations to our Orator Alumna, Aliyah Saleem, a former New Jersey Orator, who is now a Senior at Rutgers University majoring in Biological Science received the competitive Obama-Chesky Scholarships for Public Service!
  • Congratulations to our Orator Alumna, Aaliyah Plummer, a former New Jersey Orator, who is now a Senior at Howard University majoring in Television & Film Production. Aaliyah has been accepted into the Thurgood Marshall Leadership Institute!  


 “In a time when there are so many challenges to the esteem of our children … this is an incredibly important program that affords the platform and opportunity for our children
to gain the “self-confidence” that is at the foundation of life success.” 

          ~ Reginald Jennings

“NJ Orators is an excellent program for our youth . My niece started when she was 7 years old until she went away to college. She writes her own poetry .”    ~ Orange parent

My daughters participated in the program from age 7 on. One has placed a
number of times at the Apollo Theater Amateur Competition in Spoken Word and
the other is currently in law school.   ~ Newark Parent

“Public speaking has given them confidence to express themselves and their thoughts.     The best money I have ever spent. ~ Somerset Parent

“Orators has given them tools to shine with words.   ~ Orange Parent

I really appreciate all of the efforts that you and the entire NJ Orators have dedicated to fostering students’ education, it truly has made me a more social person and someone who is passionate about public policies.”       ~  NJO Parent

“Early interventions for children in poverty help to build the early academic skills needed for long-term school success.”    ~ IRP.Wisc.Edu Vol. 31, No. 2, Fall/Winter 2014–15.

Actually, my wife and I have been wanting to enroll our son into your program. It was a recommendation from one of his teachers”.       ~ NJO Parent

Thank you so much for all continuously doing for all NJO kids. The NJO representation in schools and businesses is invaluable due to your organization. Samuel in particular was a shy kid, he didn’t talk that much. Thanks to your organization and coaches support, now Sam can express himself properly and confidently. Thank you so much to all the people that make this organization keep going. ~  Zaide Madriz / Samuel Madiz

“The sense of accomplishment that our children receive from the competition is priceless because it helps them to form a healthy image of themselves as they make their mark in this world.”     ~ Newark Parent

Accolades from Beyond High School Educational Conference – College Readiness 

I like the fact that there was a College Student Testimonial Panel. My kids got the opportunity to put a Black successful face to the testimony. My children felt empowered by the stories.”               ~ NJO Parent 

“I just wanted to thank you for sponsoring me for the Beyond High School Educational Youth Convention last Saturday. I learned how to prepare for college and the importance of keeping my grades up…”                 ~ NJO Parent

Accolades from Beyond High School Educational Conference – Civic Engagement:  

  • “Gave me the opportunity to hear different perspectives.”
  • “It allowed us to speak about issues in our schools”
  • “Allowed me to see issues others were passionate about.”


Over the years, the organization has received recognition at the local, state and national level, including the following awards:

  • Performed at New Jersey Performing Arts Center with Archbishop Desmond Tutu at Prudential Foundation’s 2004 commemoration ceremony for the 50th Anniversary of Supreme Court decision of Brown vs. Board of Education. 
  • Received National Recognition by The President’s The Points Of Light Foundation
    • Honored as number 51 out of 3,000 U.S. Volunteer Organizations
  • One of the “Best Run Volunteer Organizations in the Nation” by The Wall Street Journal, November 2000.
  • Rewarded The Governor’s Jefferson Volunteer Award from the state of New Jersey
  • Recognized By The Plainfield City News Among New Jersey’s 100 Most Influential  – Executive Boards

We’ve also been featured in numerous newspapers and magazines.  Here are some quotes from recent articles:

“My child once was a shy boy and now we (she and her husband) can barely get him to stop talking.”  Courier News, 2003

“Orators’ workshops instill confidence.”  East Orange Record, October 29, 1998

“Have you ever thought about habits that will help you stay healthy for the rest of your life”” Gelin Ramos, 13 yr. old.  Star Ledger, March 28, 1999

The workshop is set up with many exercises to combat fear of group speaking.”  

East Orange Record, October 29, 1998

“Students master Language Arts, so to speak!” 

Star Ledger, March 28, 1999


“Personally, I have been influenced by my involvement as a trained NJO Competition Judge for more than 15 years. As an educator, I recognize and fully appreciate the service New Jersey Orators renders to the community” 

        ~ Rita Holliday, President,  Nu Xi Omega Chapter Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

“Nanette, thank you for making my children better speakers and more confidence.  Even though both of them are experience members, your teaching skills for being a well rounded NJ Orator member is what keeps them coming back.  NJ Orator should be very proud of have you as a coach and as a representative of NJ Orators. 

~ Judith Bullard, Parent

“First of all, I would like to thank you for all the advice and help you have help to instill in me as a confidence speaker.  Your coaching has helped shape me.  A couple weeks ago, I had an interview for the Peddie Private School.  My interviewer was very proud of me and told me that I spoke very well.  I told them that I am a NJ Orators member and that you were my coach.  So as you can see your advice and positive feedback helped me.” ~ Deon Bullard, Student

Again thank you Mrs. Nanatte and I appreciate all you do and have done for me in helping me grow as a NJ Orator.  My mom and dad say that supportive people help you grow and I feel that you are one of my supportive people.         ~ Nicolette Bullard, Student

In addition, many of our young orators have had their original poetry published and have been featured in local school newspapers, as well as national magazines, such as “Highlights for Children”. 

We’re proud of our accomplishments over the past 38 years and look forward to continued growth in the future as we expand opening new chapters nationwide.