Here are some of the most common questions that surface when getting involved with our public speaking program of the Orators, Inc. If after reviewing the list of Frequently Asked Questions below, you have any questions that are not answered here, please contact us at njorators@gmail.com.

The Program

A: Orators, Inc. is a non-profit 501(C)3 youth organization that teaches the art of public speaking, an appreciation for literature, reading and media arts literacy, college readiness, and life skills to youth from 7 to 18 years of age in preparation for college. We are located in New Jersey and Pennsylvania with planned chapters for New York, Maryland, Illinois, and Georgia.


A:  As a student between the age of 7 to 18 years old, you simply have your parent(s) complete a registration form and pay a nominal annual registration fee for membership. Log onto our web site and complete a membership application or contact our headquarters at newjerseyorators@aol.com to find out if there is a chapter near you.

A. New Jersey Orators oratorical program is traditionally taught as a year long after school program from September through May by volunteer Coaches who have been trained on our curriculum. Our Orators workshops offered at chapter locations are open to all students from 7 to 18 years of age regardless of race, religion or creed.

A. There are no required prerequisites for membership nor a selection process. Our experienced coaches train your student in all the oratorical skills development. Early enrollment, however, prevents missing enrollment closures at chapters.

A. As a student in the New Jersey or Pennsylvania Orators, the annual membership fee is $200 – but the rewards are endless. This fee does not cover the true cost of the program. We subsidize many of the costs associated with administering the public speaking workshops and competitions in schools through individual, corporate and foundation donations.

A: With community partnerships, the Orator chapters meet in schools, churches, colleges, and libraries. Check on the website site for a chapter location near you www.oratorsinc.org/chapters.

A: ABSOLUTELY!!! We are not here to compete with your home church, but welcome you to any of our educational programs. Although we hold our practice meetings at various churches, we are not a religious organization. We are open to youth from any race or religious denomination.

A: All chapter workshops are 1 hour in length, except for the coaches who have to arrive a half hour earlier to set up and leave may a half hour later to close.

A: Our workshop content is designed to be appropriate for a variety of age levels from 7 to 18-year-old students. Our chapter coaches match the students to the age groups level of proficiency.

A: Our New Jersey Orators instructors are volunteer coaches from every walk of life but primarily educators and corporate managers. These volunteer coaches work with the youth weekly during the school year in creative practice workshops. They range in age from 21  to 80 years of age.

A: Scholarships, individual donations, and grant subsidies are available to individuals. Each has a unique set of eligibility criteria, application process, and deadlines. Please inquiry with the Lead Coach at a New Jersey Orator Chapter near you.


We welcome partners from higher academia to elementary/secondary education as well as corporate partners. Our students hone their public speaking skills at oratorical events at Barnes & Noble Bookstores throughout New Jersey. We also partner with colleges, churches and community organization for workshop space as well as volunteers. Learn more…

  1. Together with each partnering school or organization, we are willing to execute an annual memorandum of understanding that outlines the expectations of all parties including a school district, an individual elementary/secondary school, community organizations and New Jersey Orators. (Go to “About Us” for more information.)

Funding & Involvement

  1. New Jersey Orators is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We receive grant funding from corporations and foundations that are mostly restricted to program operating costs. We are a total volunteer organization with not paid administrative staff. Individual donations cover development and operating costs, which allows 100 percent of private donations to support program costs.
  1. You can be a NJO Chapter Coach after completing a background check and attending training. You also can be a NJO Competition Judge, Public Relations, Chapter and Website Administrator. Check out our Get Involved page for more information or talk to an Orators Coach or board member in your local area to find out the various ways to support New Jersey Orators students.

You can designate your donation to a specific program activity, e.g. Beyond High School Educational Conference, or subsidy for a specific chapter’s students, or give it for general operating support.

Schools & Organizations

Our program follows the school calendar. It is designed to be a year long program starting in September and completing in May.

We work with schools to create a fun and educational program for students based on their needs. We’re happy to discuss a customized option for any school or community program.

Successful New Jersey Orators Coaches are recruited by word of mouth or referrals. They are an inspirational motivator and creative thinker. They are knowledgeable about different teaching styles and select the best fit for our nontraditional teaching method of motivating students to develop strong public speaking skills.


We would love to be at your school. In fact, we are currently expanding our reach. To get the ball rolling, call our office at 732-846-5011. We would be happy to discuss the implementation process and present to your school’s administration.

New Jersey Orators is currently partnering with nearly 10 schools and 4 churches organizations in 10 counties across New Jersey and Pennsylvania – and growing.

There is not currently a New York Orators; however, we have requests for new chapters every year. We will not rush to roll out one chapter in a region and not have a plan to open others along with it.

No. New Jersey Orators is an amazing opportunity to learn the art of public speaking and critical thinking skills in our literacy Workshops. Regardless of the length of membership, we believe we help students surpass their academic goals.

Who Should I Contact?

For training questions, email njorators@gmail.com

For advocacy questions, email esamuels20@gmail.com

For competition questions, email orators.competition@aol.org

For communications and media questions, email Eloise Samuels at esamuels20@gmail.com 

For general questions, email info@njorators.org