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39th Anniversary Scholarship & Awards Program Journal

"Voices of Community" 39th Annual Fundraiser Celebration - June 15th

35 Seminary Place, New Brunswick, NJ  at 1 pm

Who We Are

Our mission is to teach the art of public speaking and appreciation for reading media arts literature, civic engagement and college readiness workshops, and life skills to children from ages 7 to 18 in preparation for college and bachelor degrees. 


Founded in 1985, the New Jersey Orators, Inc. (NJO) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit youth organization that prepares elementary, middle, and high school students for college and future careers.

Concerned by the lack of formal language skills demonstrated by young people interviewing for jobs at their respective companies, a small group of African-American executives formed NJO with 16 students in the first chapter in Somerset to grow to over 200 students statewide to help address a learning achievement gap within their community.

Public Speaking Workshops

High school students, especially low income and minority students, struggle on state and international achievement tests and fall short of college entrance requirements in reading and math.


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Literacy Workshops

College and careers now require the same level of skills. Productivity, the foundation of American competitiveness, depends on a skilled workforce at every level.


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Civic Engagement and College Readiness Workshop

How students perform in two key areas, reading and math, may affect how they see the world and how they make decisions in that world. Standardized testing in New Jersey has revealed that African-Americans and other minority “at-risk” youth…are not scoring competitively in language skills. Sixty-eight percent of New Jersey high school students met or exceeded literacy expectations. 

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Oral History Interviewing

This new program offers students enrolled in our public speaking program to expand their oratorical skills and to embark on a remarkable journey to honor the voices and experiences of senior residents, initially in New Jersey, who witnessed the Civil Rights Era and then interviewing Seniors throughout the nation. The students’ audio and video recordings provide narratives that delved into the stories of the Seniors who navigated the challenges of segregation and dedicated themselves to the fight for equality


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