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NJ Chamber of Commerce & African American Chamber of Commerce Recognizes New Jersey Orators

2021 Year End ROS Program Video

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This is a nine-year old child's message to our medical professionals.

Orators Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King

Why We Can't Wait - Dr. King Commemoration Program

Dr. King's Dream Revisited - Plainfield & Somerset Chapters​​

The Gettysburg Address Reinterpreted - Piscataway Chapter​​

Spring Competitions

Fall Competitions

 Manhattan Institute Awards Eloise Samuels a Civic Society Fellows


Manhattan Institute Announces Second Cohort of Civil Society Fellows
Three Nonprofit Leaders Will Receive $10,000 Fellowships for Efforts Addressing Social Challenges

NEW YORK, NY — Today, the Manhattan Institute announced its second cohort of Civil Society Fellows, nonprofit leaders who will receive a $10,000 fellowship for their efforts to improve their local communities by addressing or preventing a social challenge. The institute’s 15-month Civil Society Fellows Program will help three individuals raise national awareness for their missions and make the case for the essential nature and value of their nonprofit work.

“These outstanding leaders are filling a need in their community where a government program simply cannot, and they are strengthening our social fabric in the process,” said Annie Dwyer, director of Manhattan Institute’s Civil Society Fellows Program. “Civil society is a fundamental part of America’s foundation, and this year’s fellows and their organizations are critical to the well-being and future of our nation. We hope their work will inspire others in communities around the country to take it upon themselves to assist those in need and help people change the course of their lives.”

Read more details in  the Manhattan Institute press release:


Van Jones, CNN News Commentator & Abigail Ibironke, Easton Chapter

Van Jones having a private discussion with Abigail Ibironke, New Brunswick Chapter, about her presentation at J&J ML King Program..

Van Jones with Eloise Samuels, Founder & President honored by Johnson & Johnson with the 2019 Community Service Award.

What We Do

New Jersey Orators builds confident youth by teaching them the art of public speaking and helping them to build skills for college and careers.

Close Achievement Gaps

High school students, especially low income and minority students, struggle on state and international achievement tests and fall short of college entrance requirements in reading and math. Read more…

College & Career Readiness

College and careers now require the same level of skills. Productivity, the foundation of American competitiveness, depends on a skilled workforce at every level. Read more…

Reading Literacy

How students perform in two key areas, reading and math, may affect how they see the world and how they make decisions in that world. Standardized testing in New Jersey has revealed that African-Americans and other minority “at-risk” youth…are not scoring competitively in language skills. Sixty-eight percent of New Jersey high school students met or exceeded literacy expectations. Read more…

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