2022 NJ Governors Jefferson Award Honoree

We are recognized as an honoree at the 1:07:54 to 1:09:42 minute point in the YouTube program video. The award winner receives the medal.

The NJ State Governor’s Jefferson Awards has honored hundreds of groups and individuals throughout the state of New Jersey for their exemplary volunteer efforts. Through our Awards media campaign, we encourage others to volunteer by shining a light on the volunteerism of others. These efforts have helped to increase volunteerism in NJ.

The Awards are a partnership between The NJ Governor’s Office of Volunteerism, NJ Advance Media, The NJ Governor’s Advisory Council on Volunteerism, and the NJ Volunteer Generation Fund.

The National Jefferson Awards are administered by Multiplying Good and were founded in 1972 by Senator Robert Taft Jr, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Sam Beard.

The New Jersey state-wide program, started in 2007, is co-administered by NJ Advance Media (The Star-Ledger/NJ.com) and NJ Governor’s Office of Volunteerism. The New Jersey State Governor’s Council on Volunteerism adopted the award as the official Governor’s award in 2010.

Over 300 medals have been awarded in NJ between 2007 and 2021 and hundreds more honored with certificates.

Volunteer Program/Group
New Jersey Orators, Inc. is recognized as an outstanding volunteer group or program consisting of 3 or more individuals, ages 19 and over, who coordinate and participate in various volunteer activities to benefit their communities.