New Jersey Orators Receive 2014 Community Change Award - Education

(From left: Jerome C. Harris Jr., chairman of NJBIC; Eloise Samuels, Co-founder of NJO, and Reva Foster, chair of Executive Staff at NJBIC)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – October 14, 2014
Contact: Jennifer Wilner, New Jersey Orators Public Relations.

The New Jersey Orators Inc. (NJO) recently received the Community Change Award in the category of Education from the New Jersey Black Issues Convention (NJBIC) on October 3rd. Upon being honored, NJO will be among New Jersey youth organizations available to be recommended by NJBIC to President Barack Obama for his “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative.

NJO received the honor at the 32nd Annual New Jersey Black Issues Leadership Conference hosted at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Clyde Hill, of Allen and Partners Inc., who produces the conference, came across the New Jersey Orators’ website and nominated the group for the award based on what NJO is doing for youth.

(From left: Jerome C. Harris Jr., chairman of NJBIC; Eloise Samuels, Co-founder of NJO, and Reva Foster, chair of Executive Staff at NJBIC)

Eloise Samuels, Co-founder and Executive Board member of NJO, said, “This is truly a surprise and an honor to have the New Jersey Orators recognized for this Community Change Award in Education. None of this would be possible without the sacrifice of the 150 volunteer NJO Coaches, Judges, parents, and of course, the youth who are involved with this 30-year-old after-school program. The development of public speaking and reading literacy skills of our youth is a testament to the positive impact that this program has on their lives.”

About New Jersey Black Issues Convention: New Jersey Black Issues Convention, Inc. is a Black leadership statewide roundtable of organizations in the State of New Jersey established to speak to the concerns of the Black residents of New Jersey. Member organizations represent various groups: Religious, civil rights, labor, business, professional, social, fraternal, educational, foreign affairs, urban and rural policy, youth, and senior citizens.

About New Jersey Orators: New Jersey Orators is a non-profit youth organization founded in 1985 that true to its mission “Teaches the art of public speaking, reading, media arts literacy, and life skills to youth between the ages of 7 and 18; thereby increasing their self-confidence, leadership skills and ability to maximize career choices and academic success.” Since 1985, NJO has grown from one chapter with 16 members to 18 chapters statewide and two chapters in Pennsylvania. Annually, the organization services more than 300 children with requests for more chapters every year.

The New Jersey Orators seeks volunteers to assist with its program. For more information and/or to volunteer, go to the New Jersey Orators website: or call 732-846-5011.