Since 1985, New Jersey Orators, Inc. has built boys and girls with poise, courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place. Through our unique program, we work with a diverse group of volunteer women and men whose expertise, skills, interests and life experiences nurture each Orator’s individuality and leadership qualities. Through our unique program, volunteers help build our Orator’s confidence and self-esteem.


As a Coach, you provide instruction, help the children practice their oratory skills, build self-esteem and the necessary confidence to communicate clearly. If coaching is not your preference, you can help with administration of the Chapter, or research literature pieces for presentations and enhance the children’s love for literature.


Perhaps you prefer to be a volunteer judge, participate at our Orator Competitions and evaluate the oratory skills of the children. Regardless of how you participate, we provide regular training, coaching materials, evaluation forms and the necessary support and guidance to enable you to effectively work with the children.

Think it’s a full-year commitment? Think again. Schedule too tight? No problem. Interested in fundraising, public relations or simply assisting a Coach? There are endless, flexible ways to participate. Join us today to share your personal passions and experiences to help grow a child’s world. Click here to volunteer.

Once we receive your request, someone from the Executive Board will get in touch with you to confirm how you can help

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Connie Lindsay, National President, Girls Scouts of America, understands the importance of community service,
“I was blessed as a young person to have adults who poured the gift of service into me by their service to me…The good we do for others is the rent we pay for occupying space on the earth.”