Remembering Their Legacy: An Oral History of Our Seniors

Join us for an extraordinary event presented by New Jersey Orators: “Remembering Their Legacy: An Oral History of Our Seniors.” This showcase features captivating interviews conducted by our student Orators with esteemed senior citizens from Middlesex and Union County who lived through the Civil Rights Era and are in their 90s or older.

“Remembering Their Legacy” is made possible by a generous grant from the New Jersey Council for the Humanities and the New Jersey Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission. Through this initiative, we document and preserve the firsthand recollections of our local seniors regarding the Civil Rights and Voting Rights movements, providing a valuable blueprint for future generations.

Don’t miss our engaging intergenerational Town Hall discussion on the history of Civil and Voting Rights. Together, we will reflect on the progress we’ve made and acknowledge the work that still lies ahead. This remarkable showcase is co-hosted by the Piscataway African American Senior Citizens Club and the Piscataway Township School District.

Join us for this enlightening event, where light refreshments will be served. Let us honor the legacy of our seniors and gain valuable insights into the struggles and triumphs that have shaped our society.

The Oral History Showcase will feature captivating storytelling, highlighting the resilience, triumphs, and challenges faced by our seniors throughout their lives. It is an opportunity to celebrate their accomplishments, honor their contributions, and preserve their legacies for generations to come.

Following the showcase, we will have an engaging Townhall session, where attendees can actively participate by asking questions, sharing thoughts, and engaging in meaningful discussions. This interactive segment aims to foster connections, bridge generational gaps, and facilitate a deeper appreciation for the experiences and wisdom of our seniors.

We encourage community members of all ages to attend this event, as it promises to be an enriching and inspiring experience for everyone involved. Let us come together to celebrate our seniors, learn from their life stories, and create lasting connections that transcend generations.

Save the date and join us at the ORAL HISTORY SHOWCASE & TOWNHALL, “Remembering Their Legacy: An Oral History of Our Seniors.” Together, we will honor their remarkable journeys and preserve their invaluable contributions to our community.