We have two competitions in the fall and two in the spring where our students hone their skills in a room with their peers with independent judges critiquing their performance.  Our competitions solidify our program’s objectives and benefits.

Program Objectives

1. Develop proficiency in nine oratorical categories
2. Through statewide competitions, acclimate students to speaking before large groups
3. Develop literacy skills
4. Develop an appreciation for all types of literature by exposure to great writings
5. Enhance self-esteem and build leadership skills
6. Develop one’s speaking styles
7. Engage parents in their child’s development by assisting in appropriate material selection, monitoring school grades, and partnering with chapter coaches

Program Benefits

1. Improvement in speaking, writing and presentation skills through the mastery of the many forms of oratory
2. Improvement in overall academic skills through language mastery
3. Facility and confidence in expressing one’s ideas in the classroom and other settings
4. Exploration, understanding and appreciation of literature and history
5. An expansion of ideas through participation in cultural events (plays, lectures/speeches, cultural celebrations)
6. An exploration of career and job choices through meeting a variety of professionals, artists and public speakers