College & Career Readiness

College and careers now require the same level of skills. Productivity, the foundation of American competitiveness, depends on a skilled workforce at every level.

But too many of our high school graduates do not have adequate reading and math skills for college or the workplace. Assigned to non-credit remedial courses, 90% leave college without a degree.

In addition to teaching public speaking and reading literacy skills, we host two educational conferences that focus on providing students with information and strategies pertaining to obtaining a post-secondary education. Experts in their fields teach college readiness and financial literacy skills to students and their parents of all economic levels, including economically disadvantaged youth.

New Jersey Orators prepares students for college by hosting annually its Beyond High School Educational Conferences. These fall and spring educational conferences involve collaboration with high schools across the state, college admissions, counseling and student services representatives from state and national colleges and universities. They deliver college readiness, college and financial planning workshops to middle and high school students. In addition they host these informational conferences free to low -income students.