Beyond High School Conferences

Join us for our Beyond High School Conferences, where we focus on promoting both college readiness and civic engagement among students. These conferences offer a unique opportunity to gain valuable skills and knowledge, meet like-minded individuals, and prepare for the future.

College Readiness

The Beyond High School Conference – College Readiness program, initiated in November 2017, emerged from a grant received to host educational conferences focused on empowering middle and high school students for college. These conferences aimed to provide valuable financial information and tools for parents and pre-college programs, as well as college readiness information for students to enhance their chances of acceptance into college.

One key component of the Beyond High School Educational Conferences was the financial literacy workshop, which served as an additional enrichment opportunity for both members and non-members of the New Jersey Orators’ public speaking oratorical program. The organization takes pride in achieving a 100% high school graduation rate for its seniors and witnessing their successful transition to college.

During these conferences, students and their parents had access to a variety of workshops and sessions to help students prepare for college and beyond:

Financial Aid

Learn about different types of financial aid and how to navigate the application process.

College Planning Courses

Get the tools you need to plan for college and choose the right school for you.

Essay Writing

Learn strategies for writing effective college essays and personal statements.

Scholarships and Grants

Explore different funding sources and how to increase your chances of receiving scholarships and grants

Leveraging Funding Resources

Discover ways to make the most of your financial aid and other funding sources.

College Readiness Goals

College Student Testimonials

“Lots of great tips on middle and high school college readiness.

Very helpful for middle school students/parents”

“We got to see the point of view of students living “college life” in a fun way, and in a way we can understand. It wasn’t boring at all. “

“I liked the information because it got me over my fear of college.”

“I found the testimonials inspiring and to see Black kids prosper and talk to us to tell us and inspire us to do what they did.”

Civic Engagement

In the fall of 2018, New Jersey Orators, Inc. collaborated with Seton Hall University’s Martin Luther King Scholars Program to host their first Beyond High School Educational Conference on Civic Engagement. The conference provided an opportunity for middle and high school students from various New Jersey communities to engage in discussions regarding civic engagement and social justice. Under the guidance of Dr. Forest Pritchett, Director of the MLK Scholars Program, students participated in breakout groups, where they identified and prioritized critical issues in their communities.

Civic engagement refers to the active involvement of individuals in the betterment of their communities, society, and the democratic process. It encompasses a range of activities that contribute to addressing social issues, promoting positive change, and participating in decision-making processes that affect the collective well-being. Civic engagement encourages individuals to become responsible citizens who are informed, empowered, and actively contribute to the welfare of their communities.

At the Beyond High School Educational Conference on Civic Engagement, students gained a deeper understanding of the concept of civic engagement and its significance in creating positive societal impact. Through engaging discussions and activities, they explored how their voices and actions can contribute to meaningful change in their schools, communities, and beyond.

The conference fostered an environment where students learned about different aspects of civic engagement


Community Involvement

Encouraging students to actively participate in community events, service projects, and initiatives that address local issues. This involvement allows them to develop a sense of belonging and a commitment to improving their immediate surroundings.

Political Participation

Empowering students to engage in the democratic process by understanding their rights and responsibilities as citizens. They learned about the importance of voting, advocacy, and engaging with elected officials to influence policy decisions.

Social Activism

Inspiring students to raise awareness and take action on social justice issues that they are passionate about. They explored various methods of activism, such as organizing peaceful protests, advocating for policy changes, and supporting initiatives that promote equality and inclusivity.


Encouraging students to actively volunteer their time and skills to support organizations and causes that align with their values. Volunteerism allows students to make a tangible difference in the lives of others and develop empathy and compassion.

Media Literacy

Educating students about media literacy and critical thinking skills to navigate the vast amount of information available to them. They learned to discern reliable sources, recognize bias, and effectively communicate their perspectives using different media platforms.

Civic Engagement Goals

Our Incredible Partner Organizations

At New Jersey Orators, we are proud to collaborate with a diverse range of partner organizations that share our commitment to making a positive impact. Together, we strive to create meaningful change, drive innovation, and foster growth in our communities. Thank you to  our incredible partners: